habiller etymology

French word habiller comes from French -er (Forms infinitives of first-conjugation verbs.), French bille, French a-

Detailed word origin of habiller

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-er French (fra) Forms infinitives of first-conjugation verbs.
bille French (fra) (slang) dimwit. (snooker, billiards) ball. Ball bearing. Marble (spherical ball). Railway sleeper. Rolling pin. Tree trunk (chopped down, ready for sawing).
a- French (fra) A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like. A-, non-, -less.
abiller Old French (fro)
habiller French (fra) (pronominal) to dress in a certain fashion. (pronominal) to get dressed. (transitive) to dress.

Words with the same origin as habiller

Descendants of -er
avaler calmer collier dégueulasse dépenser embrasser filmer fonction garder journée nuit partager placer profiter raisonnable regard risque règlement régler réglé suicider tarder taré tester
Descendants of bille
billot déshabillé
Descendants of a-
aborder accoucher accouplement accoupler affaiblir affaire agenouiller allonger amener apaiser apitoyer arrivant arriver arrivée assommer attarder atterrir attraper déshabiller rattrapage rattraper rhabiller