hachoir etymology

French word hachoir comes from Proto-Germanic *hapjō, Proto-Germanic *hakkōną (To hack; chop. To hoe.), Frankish *happja

Detailed word origin of hachoir

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*hapjō Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*hakkōną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To hack; chop. To hoe.
*happja Frankish (frk)
*happija Frankish (frk)
*hakkōn Frankish (frk) To hack, chop.
hachier Old French (fro)
hache Old French (fro) Axe (bladed weapon).
hacher Middle French (frm) To chop up, mince.
hacher French (fra) (dated) to split with an ax. (formal) to cut or hit repeatedly with something sharp; to slash. (formal, rare) to speak or write with a very unequal or irregular style or rhythm. (rare) to cut roughly and unequally. To chop up, mince.
hachoir French (fra) Meatgrinder. Mezzaluna (crescent-shaped blade).

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Descendants of *hapjō
hacher hachis hachurer hashtag mot-dièse
Descendants of *happja