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French word hashtag comes from English hash

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hash English (eng) (computing, transitive) To transform according to a hash function.. (transitive) To chop into small pieces, to make into a hash.. To make a quick, rough version Hashed, chopped into small pieces (computing) The result generated by a hash function.. (typography) The # symbol (octothorpe, pound).. A confused mess.. A hash run; a sort of paperchase organised by the Hash House Harriers.. A new [...]
hashtag English (eng) (transitive, Internet) To label (a message) with a hashtag. (Internet) A metadata tag, signaled by a preceding hash sign (#), used to label content. [from 2007]. (internet, informal) The hash sign itself. (Can we add an example for this sense?).
hashtag French (fra) (Internet) hashtag.

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