horrible etymology

French word horrible comes from Latin horrere, Latin -ibilis (-able; able or worthy to be (the recipient of an action).)

Detailed word origin of horrible

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
horrere Latin (lat)
-ibilis Latin (lat) -able; able or worthy to be (the recipient of an action).
horribilis Latin (lat) Horrible, dreadful, fearful.
orrible Old French (fro)
horrible French (fra) Horrible; causing horror.

Words with the same origin as horrible

Descendants of horrere
horreur horrifique ordure
Descendants of -ibilis
-ible circonscriptible compressible crédibilité crédible enfant terrible explosible incompressibilité incompressible indiffusible intervertible invisibilité irascible lisibilité lisible possible prévoir réflexible répréhensible submersible terrible terriblement visibilité visible