icitte etymology

French word icitte comes from Latin hic, Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰi-ḱe, Middle French icy (Here.), Latin eccum

Detailed word origin of icitte

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hic Latin (lat) This, these, used to refer to (a) person(s) or thing(s) close to the speaker, in contrast to ille, meaning that.
*ǵʰi-ḱe Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
icy Middle French (frm) Here.
eccum Latin (lat)
hoc Latin (lat) (with accusative) for this reason.. (with dative) hither, to this place.
ci Old French (fro) Here (in this place).
heic Latin (lat)
hic Latin (lat) Here.
ici French (fra) Here.
icitte French (fra) (Quebec, Louisiana French, informal) here; around here.

Words with the same origin as icitte

Descendants of hic
-ci aujourd'hui ce ceci celle-ci celles-ci celui-ci ci ci-dessous ci-gît clin d'œil hui ici mais oui ou ouais oui ouiménon voici y œil œil-de-bœuf œillet
Descendants of *ǵʰi-ḱe
ceux-ci ci-contre ci-dessus coup d'œil jusqu'ici œillère