insouciant etymology

French word insouciant comes from French in- (In-; un- (indicates negation).), French soucier, French souciant (Worrying.)

Detailed word origin of insouciant

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
in- French (fra) In-; un- (indicates negation).
soucier French (fra) (reflexive, se soucier) to worry (experience or feel worry). (transitive, dated) to worry.
souciant French (fra) Worrying.
insouciant French (fra) Carefree, without worries.

Words with the same origin as insouciant

Descendants of in-
changé immortalité immortel impardonnable impasse impitoyable imposer impossible improbable imprévu impuissant inapproprié inattendu inconfortable inconscient inconvénient incroyablement insensé insignifiant insuffisance introuvable involontaire irresponsable irrésistible volontairement
Descendants of soucier
insouciamment soucieux
Descendants of souciant