intelligent etymology

French word intelligent comes from Latin lego, Latin inter (Between, among. During, while.)

Detailed word origin of intelligent

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
lego Latin (lat) I collect, gather, bring together. I choose, select, appoint. I read.
inter Latin (lat) Between, among. During, while.
inter- Latin (lat) Inter-.
intellego Latin (lat) I perceive, discern, see, observe, recognise; feel, notice.. I understand, comprehend, realize, come to know.
intellegens Latin (lat)
intelligens Latin (lat)
intelligent French (fra) Intelligent.

Words with the same origin as intelligent

Descendants of lego
accueil accueillir adoucir collecte collectif cueillir intellect intello lecteur leçon lire légion légume négligence négliger négligé recueillir religieux religion rougir élection élire élite élégance
Descendants of inter
Internet entraider entrailles entraver entraxe entre entrechoquer entreprendre entrepreneur entreprise entretenir entrouvrir exposer exposé intelligemment intime intéressant intéresser intérêt invertir supposer suppôt