involontaire etymology

French word involontaire comes from French in- (In-; un- (indicates negation).), French volontaire

Detailed word origin of involontaire

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in- French (fra) In-; un- (indicates negation).
volontaire French (fra) Determined. Voluntary, deliberate. Volunteer. Wilful A volunteer.
involontaire French (fra) Involuntary.

Words with the same origin as involontaire

Descendants of in-
changé immortalité immortel impardonnable impasse impitoyable imposer impossible improbable imprévu impuissant inapproprié inattendu inconfortable inconscient inconvénient incroyablement insensé insignifiant insuffisance introuvable irresponsable irrésistible volontairement
Descendants of volontaire
volontariat volontarisme