jet etymology

French word jet comes from Proto-Indo-European *(H)ih₁-k-ye-, Proto-Italic *jakjō (Throw (down?).), Latin jaceo

Detailed word origin of jet

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*(H)ih₁-k-ye- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*jakjō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Throw (down?).
jaceo Latin (lat)
iacio Latin (lat) (as a shadow) I project.. (figuratively) I throw out in speaking, let fall, utter, mention, declare.. I lay, set, establish, build, found, construct, erect.. I scatter, sow, throw.. I send forth, emit; bring forth, produce.. I throw, hurl, cast, fling; throw away.
iacto Latin (lat) (figuratively) I disturb, disquiet.. I am officious.. I boast, act conceitedly.. I hurl insults.. I scatter, toss.. I throw, cast, hurl.. I utter, speak, throw out.
iactus Latin (lat) Throw, cast. Throwing, hurling, casting.
giet Old French (fro)
jet French (fra) Spurt, spout. Throw.

Words with the same origin as jet

Descendants of *jakjō
adjectif déjection fiston injectable injecter injection interjection jet lag jet-lag jetable jeter jeteur jetlagué jeton objectif objet projet subjection sujet sujétion surjectif trajet éjecter