jet lag etymology

French word jet lag comes from English jet, English lag

Detailed word origin of jet lag

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jet English (eng) Very dark black in colour. A hard, black form of coal, sometimes used in jewellery.. The colour of jet coal, deep grey.
lag English (eng) (British, slang) a prisoner, a criminal.. (British, slang, archaic) One sentenced to transportation for a crime.. (countable) A gap, a delay; an interval created by something not keeping up; a latency.. (snooker) A method of deciding which player shall start. Both players simultaneously strike a cue ball from the baulk line to hit the top cushion and rebound down the table; the player whose [...]
jet lag English (eng) A physical condition caused by crossing time zones during flight; often the result of disruption to the circadian rhythms of the body.
jet lag French (fra)