jeton etymology

French word jeton comes from French jeter, French -on

Detailed word origin of jeton

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jeter French (fra) (card games) to throw away, discard. (reflexive) to run in, as of a river. (reflexive, with "sur") to rush oneself onto something or someone. To throw. To throw away, discard of.
-on French (fra) Forming diminutives of things, including some animals.. Indicating origin or occupation. (physics, and, biology) -on.
jeton French (fra) A Scrabble tile.. A game chip or token, a counter.

Words with the same origin as jeton

Descendants of jeter
jetable jeteur
Descendants of -on
bouillon bûcheron canon chaton chiffon cordon cornichon crayon feuilleton forgeron maillon médaillon ourson paillasson peloton pognon poisson ponton raton rayon réveillon saucisson torchon tourbillon