libre-penseur etymology

French word libre-penseur comes from English free, English thinker

Detailed word origin of libre-penseur

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free English (eng) (UK, legal, obsolete) Certain or honourable; the opposite of base.. (abstract) Unconstrained.. (botany, mycology) Not attached; loose.. (by extension, chiefly, advertising slang) complimentary. (dated) Invested with a particular freedom or franchise; enjoying certain immunities or privileges; admitted to special rights; followed by of.. (dated) Ready; eager; acting without spurring or [...]
thinker English (eng) An intellectual, such as a philosopher or theologian.. One who spends time thinking, contemplating or meditating.
freethinker English (eng) A person who has formed their opinions using reason and rational enquiry; somebody who has rejected dogma, especially with regard to religion.
libre-penseur French (fra)