liseuse etymology

French word liseuse comes from French lire, French -euse

Detailed word origin of liseuse

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lire French (fra) (ambitransitive) to read. (reflexive, se lire) to be read Lira (unit of currency).
-euse French (fra)
liseuse French (fra) A dust jacket (removable book cover). A nightgown, a bedjacket, a garment useful when reading in bed. A nightstand, a bedside table. A reading lamp. A small paperknife used to open uncut books, also useful as a bookmark. An e-book reader.

Words with the same origin as liseuse

Descendants of lire
lisibilité lisible
Descendants of -euse
-ouse berceuse blanchisseuse coiffeuse cravetouze discoureuse débroussailleuse déchiqueteuse dépanneuse foreuse habilleuse laveuse sécheuse logeuse maltouze mitrailleuse montreuse niveleuse pelleteuse perceuse photocopieuse piquouse trotteuse vareuse verdouze