maillocher etymology

French word maillocher comes from French -er (Forms infinitives of first-conjugation verbs.), French mailloche

Detailed word origin of maillocher

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-er French (fra) Forms infinitives of first-conjugation verbs.
mailloche French (fra) (music) a mallet drumstick. (music) beater (for a xylophone). Beetle (wooden mallet). Rake (of moulder).
maillocher French (fra) (transitive) to hit with a mailloche.

Words with the same origin as maillocher

Descendants of -er
avaler calmer collier dégueulasse dépenser embrasser filmer fonction garder habiller journée nuit partager placer profiter raisonnable regard risque règlement régler réglé suicider tarder taré tester