maintenir etymology

French word maintenir comes from Latin tentare, Latin manu, Latin manus tenere, and later Latin manuteneo ((Late Latin, Vulgar Latin) I support, maintain.)

Detailed word origin of maintenir

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
tentare Latin (lat)
manu Latin (lat)
manus tenere Latin (lat)
manuteneo Late Latin (LL)
manuteneo Latin (lat) (Late Latin, Vulgar Latin) I support, maintain.
maintenir Old French (fro) To maintain (to keep the same).
maintenir French (fra) (reflexive, se maintenir) to keep up. (reflexive, se maintenir) to persist. (reflexive, se maintenir, of the weather) to stay fair. To maintain. To stick to.

Words with the same origin as maintenir

Descendants of tentare
attentat attenter tenter
Descendants of manu
maintenant mainteneur manœuvrer