maladresse etymology

French word maladresse comes from French adroit (Skilful, apt, skilled (possessing skill, skilled).), French adresser ((reflexive, with à) to address. (transitive) to direct.), Latvian addresser, French mal-

Detailed word origin of maladresse

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adroit French (fra) Skilful, apt, skilled (possessing skill, skilled).
adresser French (fra) (reflexive, with à) to address. (transitive) to direct.
addresser Latvian (lav)
mal- French (fra) Badly; wrongly. Denotes the opposite of the unprefixed form.
adresse French (fra) Address (the description of a location). Skill, adroitness.
maladresse French (fra) Awkwardness. Clumsiness. Mistake, blunder. Tactlessness.

Words with the same origin as maladresse

Descendants of adresser
Descendants of mal-
malaise malcommode malentendu malfaisant malfamé malfaçon malfaçonné malhabile malheureux malhonnête malhonnêtement malhonnêteté malingre malnutrition malodorant malpoli malpropre malsonnant maltraiter malvoyant