management etymology

French word management comes from English manage

Detailed word origin of management

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manage English (eng) (horseriding) Manège.. (now, _, rare) The act of managing or controlling something. (intransitive) To achieve without fuss, or without outside help.. (intransitive) To succeed at an attempt.. (obsolete) To bring about; to contrive.. (obsolete) To treat with care; to husband.. (transitive) To direct or be in charge of.. (transitive) To handle or control (a situation, job).. (transitive) To [...]
management English (eng) (management) The executives of an organisation, especially senior executives.. (uncountable) Judicious use of means to accomplish an end.. (uncountable, management) Administration; The use of limited resources combined with forecasting, planning, leadership and execution skills to achieve predetermined specific goals.
management French (fra) (management) management.