menace etymology

French word menace comes from Latin -ia, Latin parvus (Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.), Latin mina, Latin -ax

Detailed word origin of menace

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-ia Latin (lat) Used to form an abstract noun, usually from an adjective stem.
parvus Latin (lat) Ignorable, unimportant. Small, little, cheap.
mina Latin (lat) (figuratively) threats, menaces. Projecting points, pinnacles, battlements, parapets.
-ax Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives expressing a tendency or inclination to the action of the root verb; -ish, -y.
minor Latin (lat) (with dative) I threaten, menace someone with something. I jut forth, protrude, project.
minax Latin (lat) Projecting, overhanging (jutting out). Threatening, menacing.
*minācia Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
*minacia Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) threat.
menace Old French (fro)
menace French (fra) Threat.

Words with the same origin as menace

Descendants of -ia
abbaye adolescence audace batterie confrérie conne conscience démence enfance force forcé fourchette hors ignorance indulgence intelligence mairie martyre providence prudence psychiatrie seigneurie sorcière épinière
Descendants of parvus
administrer amenage amener comminer mener meneur mineur ministre ministère ministériel minorer minuscule moindre moins ménestrel métier promenade promenoir
Descendants of -ax
assaut audacieux capable capacité connasse consul consulat dégueulasse efficace exil paperasse perspicace pouffiasse rapace salade sauce saucisse saut sauter sauté tenace tignasse vrai