milliard etymology

French word milliard comes from Proto-Italic *smīɣeslī, Proto-Indo-European *(sm̥-)ǵʰéslo-, Latin mille passus, Latin mille passuum, Italian -one, and later Italian mille ((cardinal) thousand Thousand.)

Detailed word origin of milliard

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*smīɣeslī Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
*(sm̥-)ǵʰéslo- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
mille passus Latin (lat) A Roman mile of 8 stadia; 1,000 ; or 5,000 pedēs, approximately 4,854 English feet.
mille passuum Latin (lat)
-one Italian (ita) An augmentative suffix, used to indicate largeness or importance. (organic chemistry) ketone. (physics) -on (particle).
mile Latin (lat)
mille Italian (ita) (cardinal) thousand Thousand.
milione Italian (ita) Million.
million Middle French (frm) (cardinal) million, 106.
-ard French (fra) Used primarily to form pejoratives, diminutives, and nouns representing or belonging to a particular class or sort.
milliard French (fra) A milliard (a short scale billion). A milliard (a short scale billion).

Words with the same origin as milliard

Descendants of *smīɣeslī
mile mille milliardaire millier million millième millépore millésime
Descendants of -one
basson lampion minestrone torrion