muid etymology

French word muid comes from Latin modus, Latin -io

Detailed word origin of muid

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modus Latin (lat) (grammar) mood, mode. Bound, limit. Manner, method, way. Measure.
-io Latin (lat) Used to form causative verbs from adjectives. Used to form abstract nouns from verbs.
modius Latin (lat) (historical, _, units of measure) modius, a unit of dry measure (especially for grain) of about a peck or 9 L.
muid French (fra) (historical) hogshead.

Words with the same origin as muid

Descendants of modus
combien comme commode h muet meulard meuler meulière modalité mode modeste modestie modification modifier modique modiquement module modérateur modération modérer moi moulage moule moyeu muet
Descendants of -io
avis conscience enfance envie force forcé hors menace prudent prévu revoir région sorcière télé union vis visage vision visiter voici voilà voir vu évidence évident