napolitain etymology

French word napolitain comes from Ancient Greek νέον, Latin Naples, Ancient Greek νέα πόλις, Ancient Greek πόλις, Ancient Greek πόλῐς, and later Latin neapolitanus (Neapolitan; of or belonging to Naples.)

Detailed word origin of napolitain

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νέον Ancient Greek (grc)
Naples Latin (lat)
νέα πόλις Ancient Greek (grc)
πόλις Ancient Greek (grc)
πόλῐς Ancient Greek (grc)
Νεᾱ́πολῐς Ancient Greek (grc)
Νεάπολις Ancient Greek (grc)
Neapolis Latin (lat) Naples, Italy. Various other cities in the Hellenistic world, including modern Nabeul, Tunisia, and Nablus, Palestine.
Naples English (eng) A city in Florida, United States.. A city in Texas, United States.. A city in Utah, United States.. A province and city in Campania, Italy.. A town and village in New York, United States.. A town in Illinois, United States.. A town in Maine, United States.. A town in South Dakota, United States.. A town in Wisconsin, United States.. An unincorporated community in Idaho, United States.
neapolitanus Latin (lat) Neapolitan; of or belonging to Naples.
napolitain French (fra) Neapolitan (relating to Naples) Neapolitan (language).

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Descendants of νέον
néon néonate
Descendants of Naples
Descendants of νέα πόλις
Descendants of πόλις
-pole métro négropolitain police politicard politicien politique politiser propolis realpolitik réalpolitik