ni etymology

French word ni comes from Latin ne- (Absolutely negates the principal meaning.), Latin ne (No, not That not, in order not to and similar; lest.), Latin aliubi

Detailed word origin of ni

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ne- Latin (lat) Absolutely negates the principal meaning.
ne Latin (lat) No, not That not, in order not to and similar; lest.
aliubi Latin (lat)
nec Latin (lat) And not. Nor. Not either. Not even And not, not. Neither. Nor. Not even.
ne Old French (fro) Not; used to form negative constructions Neither (not one or the other).
ny Middle French (frm) Neither; nor.
ni French (fra) Neither; nor.

Words with the same origin as ni

Descendants of ne-
annihilateur annihilation annihiler dénier ne neutre niais nice niche nier nihilisme nihiliste néfaste négatif négliger négligé négoce négocier renier
Descendants of ne
négativité strictement négatif