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French word nommer comes from Latin nomen, Norman nom ((Jersey) name. (Jersey, grammar) noun.), Norman -er

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nomen Latin (lat) (grammar) noun (i.e. substantive, adjective, pronoun, article or numeral). In particular, the middle name of a three-part free man's Latin name which distinguished one gens from another. Name, appellation. Title.
nom Norman (nrf) (Jersey) name. (Jersey, grammar) noun.
-er Norman (nrf) This term needs a translation to English. Please help out and add a translation, then remove the text .
nomino Latin (lat) I accuse, arraign.. I make famous.. I name, give a name to, call by name.. I nominate for office.
nomer Old French (fro) (reflexive, se nomer) to be called (have a certain name). To name (cite, make reference to). To name (give a name to).
nommer Middle French (frm) To name (attribute a name to).
nommer French (fra) (reflexive, se nommer) to be called, to call oneself. (transitive) to nominate. To name, to call.

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Descendants of nomen
Cicéron chalandage dénommer ignominie nom nom appellatif nom binomial nom complet nom concret nom declinable nom déposé nom fondamental nom indeclinable nom latin nom personnel nom spécifique nom substantif nom systématique nomination nommage non prénom renommée surnom
Descendants of -er
gabar garder regard