noter etymology

French word noter comes from Latin nosco, Latin bene (Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.)

Detailed word origin of noter

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
nosco Latin (lat) I know, recognize, am acquainted with, i.e.; in possession of knowledge.
bene Latin (lat) Agreeably, favorably. Properly, exactly. Well.
nota Latin (lat) Critical mark or remark. Mark, sign. Note.
notare Latin (lat)
noter French (fra) To note.

Words with the same origin as noter

Descendants of nosco
Martial accointer cognomen connaissance connaissant connaisseur connaître connoître connu méconnaissable notable notablement notaire notarial notation note notice notion notoriété reconnaissable reconnaître
Descendants of bene
benoît bien bien que bien sûr bien-être bienfait bienheureux bientôt bienveillant bienvenue bénef bénir bénit bénédiction bénéfice bénéficiaire bénéfique combien très bien