noyade etymology

French word noyade comes from French noyer, French -ade

Detailed word origin of noyade

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noyer French (fra) (cooking) To water down. (reflexive) To drown; to drown oneself. (transitive) To drown Walnut (tree).
-ade French (fra) Indicating a dish or recipe.. Indicating a drink made from a given fruit.. Used to form collectives.. Used to form nouns denoting action, or a person performing said action.
noyade French (fra) Drowning.

Words with the same origin as noyade

Descendants of noyer
Descendants of -ade
attrapade bousculade brimade canonnade croustade débandade dégringolade enculade engueulade fanfaronnade fusillade oursinade palissade pantalonnade pasquinade peuplade pierrade pochade rasade ratonnade reculade sardinade septembrisade torsade