obstacle etymology

French word obstacle comes from Latin sto, Latin ob, and later Latin obstaculum (Obstacle, hindrance.)

Detailed word origin of obstacle

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sto Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) I [currently] am (feel). (Medieval Latin) I am [located at]. I stand. I stay, remain.
ob Latin (lat) Against; facing. In the direction of, to, towards. On account of, according to, because of, due to, for (the purpose of).
obstare Latin (lat)
obstaculum Latin (lat) Obstacle, hindrance.
obstacle French (fra) Obstacle.

Words with the same origin as obstacle

Descendants of sto
arrêt arrêter c'est constater constitution coûter distance fût instant institut institution prêt prêter stable stage station statut établir étage étagère état été être ôter
Descendants of ob
occasion occident occidental occire occis occlure occlusion occupation occuper occupé occurrence occurrent offensive offrir offusquer oppresser oublie oublée préoccuper