occident etymology

French word occident comes from Latin cado, Latin caedo, Latin fero, Latin ob- (Towards; against.), Latin ob

Detailed word origin of occident

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cado Latin (lat) (impersonal) It happens, occurs, befalls, comes to pass. I cease. I decay. I die. I fall.
caedo Latin (lat) Cut, hew, fell.. Defeat decisively (defeat with heavy losses to the enemy side).. Kill.. Strike, beat.
fero Latin (lat) I bear, carry. I cast (a vote); pass or ratify (a law). I report. I suffer, endure. I support, hold up.
ob- Latin (lat) Towards; against.
ob Latin (lat) Against; facing. In the direction of, to, towards. On account of, according to, because of, due to, for (the purpose of).
occido Latin (lat) (intransitive) I am lost, undone or ruined. (intransitive) I fall down. (intransitive) I perish, die, pass away. (intransitive, of heavenly bodies) I go down, set.
occident French (fra) West (compass point).

Words with the same origin as occident

Descendants of cado
accident accidentel cadavre caduc cas cas échéant cascade casque cassable cassage casser casuiste choir chu coïncider demi-cadence décider décision encas exciser faire cas occasion occidental récidiviste
Descendants of caedo
-cide castrer châtré ciment cimentier circoncision ciseau concis gynocide herbicide homicide insecticide occis pesticide précis précision trucider uxoricide écocide
Descendants of fero
collation différance différence différer délation fertile inférer occire offrir oublie preferer proférer préférer prélat relation somnifère souffert souffrance souffrir transfert transfert érotique translation
Descendants of ob-
objet obligation obligatoire obliger obligé obscur observateur observation observer obstacle obsèques obtempérer obtenir obtus occupation occuper offensive opportun oublier préoccupant préoccupation ôter
Descendants of ob
occlure occlusion occupé occurrence occurrent offusquer oppresser oublée préoccuper