ordure etymology

French word ordure comes from Latin horreo, Latin -idus ((suffix forming verbs) tending to.)

Detailed word origin of ordure

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
horreo Latin (lat) I am frightful.. I dread, am afraid of.. I stand erect, stand on end.. I tremble, shiver.
-idus Latin (lat) (suffix forming verbs) tending to.
horridus Latin (lat) Dreadful, horrid, frightful. Rough, bristly, shaggy. Rude, rough, uncouth.
ord Old French (fro)
ordure French (fra) (slang) obscenity, filthy material. (slang, pejorative) a filthy person. Dung, animal faeces. Garbage, refuse.

Words with the same origin as ordure

Descendants of horreo
abhorrer hirsute horreur horrible horrifique horripilant horripiler
Descendants of -idus
acide audace audacieux avide avidité chaud floride froid humide intrépide liquide lucide morbide net nettement pâle raide rapide sordide splendide stupide timide torride valide