pain etymology

French word pain comes from Proto-Indo-European *patrom, Latin -fex (Denotes maker or performer.)

Detailed word origin of pain

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*patrom Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
-fex Latin (lat) Denotes maker or performer.
panem Latin (lat)
pain Old French (fro) Bread.
pain French (fra) (informal) punch (a hit with the fist). (slang) (music) mistake during a performance (false note, forgot an intro, wrong solo, …). A block (of ice, of salt, of soap …) with the shape and size of bread. Bread. Bread-and-butter needs, basic sustenance; breadwinner. Food. Piece of bread.

Words with the same origin as pain

Descendants of *patrom
feurre fourrage fourrer
Descendants of -fex
accompagner art artisan artiste artistique compagne compagnon copain inerte pain bis pain bûcheron pain d'épices pain eucharistique pain melon pain pita pain suédois panasserie panetière panier panière pané petit pain édifice édifier