parfait etymology

French word parfait comes from Latin faciendus, Latin per-, Latin facio, and later German perfekt (Perfect.)

Detailed word origin of parfait

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faciendus Latin (lat)
per- Latin (lat) Used to form verbs that are intensive or completive, conveying the idea of doing something all the way through or entirely.. Used to make adjectives or verbs that are "very" something.
facio Latin (lat) I appoint.. I do. I make, construct, fashion, frame, build, erect. I make, produce, compose.
perficere Latin (lat)
perficio Latin (lat) (by extension) I bring about, cause, effect.. I achieve, accomplish. I carry out, execute, perform.. I finish, complete.. I perfect.
perfectus Latin (lat)
perfekt German (deu) Perfect.
parfait French (fra) Perfect (exactly right) (grammar) perfect tense.

Words with the same origin as parfait

Descendants of faciendus
faena hacienda
Descendants of per-
expérience impardonnable imper parcourir pardonner parfum parvenir perception percer percevoir percuter perdition perdre permettre perplexe perpétuel perspicace persuader persuasion persécution perte piercing pèlerin périr
Descendants of facio
affection difficile difficulté défaite effet efficace face facile facteur facture faire fait façon identifier justifier pacifique profit sacrifice sacrifier scientifique suffisamment suffisant surface vérifier