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French word part comes from Proto-Italic *-kaps (-catcher (as a noun), -catching (as an adjective).)

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Detailed word origin of part

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*-kaps Proto-Italic (itc-pro) -catcher (as a noun), -catching (as an adjective).
*partis Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Part.
pars Latin (lat) (usually, in plural) party (politics). Direction. Faction. Fate, lot. Function, duty. Part (theatre). Part, piece, share. Some.
partio Latin (lat) I share, part, apportion; divide, distribute.
partir Old French (fro) (intransitive) to leave. (reflexive, se partir) to leave. To divide up.
partir Middle French (frm) (intransitive, _, or, _, reflexive, se partir) to leave. (transitive) to divide up.
partir French (fra) (Quebec, informal, transitive) to start. (intransitive) to die. (intransitive) to go away, leave, depart. (intransitive) to originate. (intransitive, figuratively) to emanate. (obsolete, transitive) to share, to share out, to divide.
part French (fra)

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Descendants of *-kaps
auparavant communauté commune département main maintenant maintenir manager manche mandat manger manière manuel municipal partage partenaire partir poignet poignée poing premier primaire prime prince