passager etymology

French word passager comes from Old French -age, Old French passer (To pass; to pass by.), Middle French passage

Detailed word origin of passager

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-age Old French (fro) Forms nouns with the sense of 'action or result of'. Forms nouns with the sense of 'state of being'.
passer Old French (fro) To pass; to pass by.
passage Middle French (frm)
passage Old French (fro) Passage (part of a route or journey).
passagier Old French (fro)
passagier Middle French (frm)
passager French (fra) (informal, of a street or place) Busy.. Of a short duration; temporary; transitory, fleeting, flighty.. Whose presence in a location is only temporary; passing. (archaic) Traveller.. Passenger.

Words with the same origin as passager

Descendants of -age
cambriolage chantage courage dommage garage héritage langage maquillage mariage massage nettoyage nuage otage partage passage sauver sauvetage tatouage tournage usage visage voyage âge équipage étage
Descendants of passer
impasse passe passe-droit passe-temps passeport passoire trépas