percuter etymology

French word percuter comes from Latin pro, Latin quatio, Latin quatere

Detailed word origin of percuter

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
pro Latin (lat) About. According to. As befitting. As, like. Before. For. In front, instead of. On behalf of.
quatio Latin (lat) I move, touch, excite, affect. I shake; agitate. I vex, harass. I wield, brandish.
quatere Latin (lat)
percutio Latin (lat) I make an impression on the mind, touch, please, delight, astonish, shock. I pierce, thrust, or punch through, kill. I strike, beat.
percuter French (fra) (transitive) to hit; to crash into.

Words with the same origin as percuter

Descendants of pro
pour pour-cent pour-compte pourboire pource pourcent pourtant purin
Descendants of quatio
casque cassable cassage cassation casse concussion discussion discutable discutailler discutant discuter percussion rediscuter répercuter