picoter etymology

French word picoter comes from French -oter, French piquer

Detailed word origin of picoter

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-oter French (fra) (colloquial) Forming verbs from other verbs, with a diminutive or frequentative sense.
piquer French (fra) (colloquial) to nick, pinch, steal. (reflexive) to pride oneself on; to like to think that one can do (+ de). (textiles, couture) to stitch together. To prick (pierce with a prick). To sting (feel a stinging pain).
picoter French (fra) (informal) to bug, to pester, to annoy. (of a bird) to peck. To itch, to prickle. To tingle.

Words with the same origin as picoter

Descendants of -oter
baisoter chevrotant chevroter chipoter clapoter clignoter crachoter gigoter papoter siffloter suçoter toussoter vivoter
Descendants of piquer
picorer piquage piquant pique-nique piquet piqûre