plaisanterie etymology

French word plaisanterie comes from French -erie, French plaisanter (To joke (make a joke).)

Detailed word origin of plaisanterie

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-erie French (fra) Denoting a shop selling a certain product.. Denoting an object used to perform an action. Denoting an organization specializing in a given field. Denoting nouns describing qualities or properties.
plaisanter French (fra) To joke (make a joke).
plaisanterie French (fra) Jest; fun. Jesting; kidding. Joke. Pleasantry; joking.

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Descendants of -erie
armurerie bijouterie boucherie boulangerie camaraderie carrosserie connerie imprimerie ingénierie lingerie loterie mutinerie paperasserie porcherie pâtisserie quincaillerie raffinerie saloperie scierie tapisserie tricherie tromperie tuerie épicerie