pognon etymology

French word pognon comes from French pogner, French -on

Detailed word origin of pognon

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pogner French (fra) (Louisiana French, slang, transitive) to fool. (Quebec, Louisiana French, slang, figuratively) to seize.. (Quebec, Louisiana French, transitive) to catch.. (Quebec, Louisiana French, transitive) to grab, to grasp. (Quebec, figuratively, impersonal verb) to be arrested or frozen (by a notion or emotion). (Quebec, informal) to become stuck or jammed (of one object in another, used [...]
-on French (fra) Forming diminutives of things, including some animals.. Indicating origin or occupation. (physics, and, biology) -on.
pognon French (fra) (colloquial) dough, dosh, bread.

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Descendants of -on
bouillon bûcheron canon chaton chiffon cordon cornichon crayon feuilleton forgeron jeton maillon médaillon ourson paillasson peloton poisson ponton raton rayon réveillon saucisson torchon tourbillon