poilu etymology

French word poilu comes from French poil (Bristle (on a brush). Hair (on the body).), French -u

Detailed word origin of poilu

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
poil French (fra) Bristle (on a brush). Hair (on the body).
-u French (fra) Forming adjectives having the sense of ‘having quality of, being provided with’ (the root word).
poilu French (fra) (historical) poilu (French soldier during World War I) (dated, figurative) brave, courageous; energetic [late 19th c.]. (informal) hairy.

Words with the same origin as poilu

Descendants of poil
Descendants of -u
barbu boulu bourru chevelu couillu crépu fessu feuillu goulu goulument goutu lippu mafflu mamelu moussu moustachu pansu touffu ventru