police etymology

French word police comes from Ancient Greek πολίτης, Ancient Greek πολιτεύω, Ancient Greek πόλις, and later Latin politia ((Late Latin) state, government.)

Detailed word origin of police

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
πολίτης Ancient Greek (grc)
πολιτεύω Ancient Greek (grc)
πόλις Ancient Greek (grc)
πολιτεία Ancient Greek (grc)
politia Latin (lat) (Late Latin) state, government.
police French (fra) (Quebec) cop (police officer). (typography) fount, font. Police.

Words with the same origin as police

Descendants of πολίτης
politicard politicien politique politiser realpolitik réalpolitik
Descendants of πόλις
-pole Nabeul Naples métro napolitain négropolitain propolis