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French word pose comes from Latin po- (Off, away.), Proto-Italic *posnō, Latin sino, Ancient Greek παύω

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Detailed word origin of pose

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po- Latin (lat) Off, away.
*posnō Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
sino Latin (lat) (with accusative of person and infinitive) I let, permit, suffer.. I put, lay, set down.
παύω Ancient Greek (grc)
παῦσις Ancient Greek (grc)
pausa Latin (lat) A pause, halt, stop, cessation, end.
pauso Latin (lat) I halt, cease, pause.. I rest in the grave.
pauso Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
poser Old French (fro) To put; to place. To rest; to recover; to recuperate. To suggest; to propose.
poser French (fra) (transitive) to ask (a question). (transitive) to install, fit. (transitive) to land (a plane). (transitive) to lay, place. (transitive) to stop carrying, to put down (something or somebody).
pose French (fra) Extension (in telecommunications) Installation.

Words with the same origin as pose

Descendants of po-
accès acheter affaire aller allée alors après arrive arrière asseoir assez assis attendre attention avenir depuis dos dossier poser position poste propos puis à
Descendants of παύω
compo compositeur composition déposition dépôt entrepôt marque déposée ménopause pause repos sous-exposer suppôt