priser etymology

French word priser comes from Proto-Indo-European *preti-

Detailed word origin of priser

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*preti- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
pretium Latin (lat) Bribe. Pay, hire, wage, reward. Punishment. Ransom. Worth, price, value, cost.
pretio Latin (lat) (Late Latin) I esteem, I prize, I value (hold in high regard, consider valuable). (Medieval Latin) I appraise, I assess, I value (estimate the worth of, set a price for).
pretiāre Late Latin (LL)
priser French (fra) (transitive) to price (fix a price according to market forces). (transitive) to prize (consider something valuable). (transitive) to take snuff.

Words with the same origin as priser

Descendants of *preti-
appréciatif apprécier déprécier eprix grand prix pris prix prix fixe précieux préciosité