prix etymology

French word prix comes from Latin prehendere, English -ile ((non-productive) tending to, or capable of.), Proto-Indo-European *preti-, Spanish prehensus

Detailed word origin of prix

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
prehendere Latin (lat)
-ile English (eng) (non-productive) tending to, or capable of.
*preti- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
prehensus Spanish (spa)
pretium Latin (lat) Bribe. Pay, hire, wage, reward. Punishment. Ransom. Worth, price, value, cost.
prehensus Latin (lat)
prensus Latin (lat)
preis Old French (fro)
prix French (fra) Price. Prize.

Words with the same origin as prix

Descendants of prehendere
compréhension dépendamment dépendant dépendre pren- prenable prendre preneur pris prise surprise
Descendants of -ile
grand prix prix fixe préhensile
Descendants of *preti-
appréciatif apprécier déprécier eprix priser précieux préciosité