profit etymology

French word profit comes from Latin proficiscor (I set out, depart, leave.), Latin proficio, Latin faciendus, Latin pro

Detailed word origin of profit

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proficiscor Latin (lat) I set out, depart, leave.
proficio Latin (lat) I advance, make progress.. I benefit, profit, take advantage.. I depart, set out.. I help, contribute, am useful.
faciendus Latin (lat)
pro Latin (lat) About. According to. As befitting. As, like. Before. For. In front, instead of. On behalf of.
proficere Latin (lat)
profectus Latin (lat) Advance, progress, effect, increase, growth, profit, success.
profit French (fra) Profit, benefit.

Words with the same origin as profit

Descendants of faciendus
faena hacienda
Descendants of pro
pour pour-cent pour-compte pourboire pource pourcent pourtant purin