programme etymology

French word programme comes from Ancient Greek γράφω, Ancient Greek πρῶτος

Detailed word origin of programme

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γράφω Ancient Greek (grc)
πρῶτος Ancient Greek (grc)
προγράφω Ancient Greek (grc)
πρόγραμμα Ancient Greek (grc)
programme French (fra) (computing) A software, a computer program. A leaflet listing information about a play, game or other activity.. A particular mindset or method of doing things.. A set of structured activities.

Words with the same origin as programme

Descendants of γράφω
aminogramme anagramme autofiction aérogramme calligraphie carte-télégramme chromatogramme diagramme digramme exagramme gramme greffe grimoire géographie histogramme hypsogramme ionogramme marégramme pentagramme phosphore photogénique pornographie télégramme électrocardiogramme
Descendants of πρῶτος
proto- protocole