pronom etymology

French word pronom comes from Latin nomen, Latin pro-, Ancient Greek ἀντωνυμία

Detailed word origin of pronom

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nomen Latin (lat) (grammar) noun (i.e. substantive, adjective, pronoun, article or numeral). In particular, the middle name of a three-part free man's Latin name which distinguished one gens from another. Name, appellation. Title.
pro- Latin (lat) (prefixed to verbs of utterance) in place of, on behalf of. (temporally) prior, fore-. Action directed forward or in front. Advantage. Bringing into being, forth, or into the open. Downward and forward movement. Forward direction, forward movement. Prominence.
ἀντωνυμία Ancient Greek (grc)
pronomin- Latin (lat)
pronom French (fra) Pronoun.

Words with the same origin as pronom

Descendants of nomen
dénommer ignominie nom nominal nomination nommage nommer prénom renom renommé
Descendants of pro-
emprunter poursuite poursuivi poursuivre pro processus procès procédure producteur production produit professeur profession professionnel profit projet promotion propos proposer protection protéger protégé provoquer prudence prudent
Descendants of ἀντωνυμία