prose etymology

French word prose comes from Latin versus (Towards, turned to or in the direction of, facing.), Latin pro-, Latin versus, Latin vorsus

Detailed word origin of prose

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versus Latin (lat) Towards, turned to or in the direction of, facing.
pro- Latin (lat) (prefixed to verbs of utterance) in place of, on behalf of. (temporally) prior, fore-. Action directed forward or in front. Advantage. Bringing into being, forth, or into the open. Downward and forward movement. Forward direction, forward movement. Prominence.
versus Latin (lat)
vorsus Latin (lat)
provorsus Old Latin (itc-ola)
prorsus Latin (lat) (transf. of style) straightforward, prosaic. Straightforward, right onwards, straight, direct Certainly, truly, precisely, utterly, absolutely. Forwards. Straight forward; directly.
prosa Latin (lat) Prose.
prose French (fra) Prose.

Words with the same origin as prose

Descendants of versus
envers prosateur prosaïque prosaïsme proser vers verset
Descendants of pro-
emprunter poursuite poursuivi poursuivre pro processus procès procédure producteur production produit professeur profession professionnel profit projet promotion propos proposer protection protéger protégé provoquer prudence prudent
Descendants of versus
anniv anniversaire controverse univers universalité