purin etymology

French word purin comes from Old French por (For (belonging to). For (in order to).), French -in (Adjectival suffix. Nominal suffix.), Old French purer

Detailed word origin of purin

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
por Old French (fro) For (belonging to). For (in order to).
-in French (fra) Adjectival suffix. Nominal suffix.
purer Old French (fro)
purin French (fra) Any liquid-based fertilizer. Manure.

Words with the same origin as purin

Descendants of por
pour pour-cent pour-compte pourboire pource pourcent pourtant
Descendants of -in
Girondin Philippines amandin angelin ariostin baratin baratiner bulletin cadratin colletin coltiner crottin diablotin enfantin galantin gratin ignorantin messin mutin patin patiner philippin plaisantin rondin