putain etymology

French word putain comes from French -ain, Old French pute, Old French putain ((vulgar) whore, prostitute, bitch.)

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-ain French (fra) Indicates the old oblique case (cas régime) of certain nouns.. Suffix used to form demonyms, both nouns (uppercase) and adjectives (lowercase).
pute Old French (fro)
putain Old French (fro) (vulgar) whore, prostitute, bitch.
putain French (fra) (derogatory, vulgar, slang) bitch, cow (an unpleasant woman). (vulgar) whore, hooker (vulgar) fuck, fucking hell, bloody hell.

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Descendants of -ain
Africain Albertain Cagliaritain Costaricain Jamaïcain Manitobain Marocain Porto-Ricain Roumain Sud-Africain albertain armoricain cagliaritain costaricain diocésain jamaïcain manitobain marocain montpelliérain naissain porto-ricain quatrain riverain toulousain
Descendants of pute
putasse putier putois