quasi etymology

French word quasi comes from Latin quam, Latin qua, Latin si (If, supposing that.)

Detailed word origin of quasi

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quam Latin (lat) (after comparative nouns) than. (in comparisons) as. In what (which) way, to what (which) degree; how, how much, as much as, as far as.
qua Latin (lat) In so far as. In what way, how, by what method; to what degree or extent. On which side, at or in which place, in what direction, where, by what way (qua...ea...). As; in the capacity or character of.
si Latin (lat) If, supposing that.
quasi Latin (lat) As (like). As if.
quasi French (fra) (dated, colloquial, regional, _, or, _, literary) almost, nearly.

Words with the same origin as quasi

Descendants of quam
onc onques quand quant que
Descendants of qua
autocar car caret contrecœur courage courageux cœur cœur artificiel cœur basedowien cœur biloculaire cœur brisé cœur d'artichaut cœur d'athlète cœur droit cœur forcé cœur gauche cœur irritable cœur triloculaire encouragement encourager haut-le-cœur par cœur à contrecœur écœurer
Descendants of si
chez-soi s'en aller se soi soi-disant soi-même suicidabilité suicidaire suicidalité suicider