raisonnable etymology

French word raisonnable comes from Latin reor (I reckon, calculate.. I think, deem, judge.), Latin reri, Proto-Italic *ratos (Established, authoritative. Fixed, certain.)

Detailed word origin of raisonnable

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reor Latin (lat) I reckon, calculate.. I think, deem, judge.
reri Latin (lat)
*ratos Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Established, authoritative. Fixed, certain.
ratus Latin (lat) ; rat Established, authoritative. Fixed, certain.
rationem Latin (lat)
rationabilis Late Latin (LL)
ratiōnābilis Late Latin (LL)
resnable Old French (fro) Wise; intelligent.
raisonnable French (fra) Possessed of reason. Reasonable, just, fair, consistent, sensible. Resigned.

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Descendants of reor
décimal raison ratifier ration