rajeunir etymology

French word rajeunir comes from French jeune (Young Youth, a young person.), French -ir (A suffix forming infinitives of many verbs.), French ra-

Detailed word origin of rajeunir

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jeune French (fra) Young Youth, a young person.
-ir French (fra) A suffix forming infinitives of many verbs.
ra- French (fra)
rajeunir French (fra) (figuratively, transitive) to bring back; to send back (remind of a past time). (figuratively, transitive) to take off (years from someone's age) (to make appear younger). (intransitive) to get younger. (transitive) to make young. (transitive) to rejuvenate.

Words with the same origin as rajeunir

Descendants of jeune
jeunisme jeuniste jeunot rajeunissement
Descendants of -ir
abrutir affaiblir alentir alunissage aplanir arrondir assainissement asservir asservissable attendrir atterrir chérir dégourdir embellir enchérir endurcir enrichir jaunir maigrir refroidir ressortir vieillir épaississement
Descendants of ra-
rabibocher ragaillardir